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Risks and Challenges to Regional Security in the Middle East and Caucasus

On September 8 and 9 Ankara, Turkey hosted an International Symposium "Risks and Challenges to Regional Security in the Middle East and Caucasus: External Factors and Internal Dilemmas". The event was organized by Turkish Center for Middle Eastern Studies (ORSAM), a Russian research center PolitKontaks and Ankara university of Economy and Technologies (TOBB-ETU).


The conference included about 20 speakers from Russia, Turkey, Iran, Georgia, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Moldova, Germany and Armenia.

ACSR's executive director Sevak Sarukhanyan also joined the conference and devoted his speech to the processes in the Middle East and mostly to the infuence they have on Armenian Communities. He mentioned the special role the Armenian communities in Syria and Lebanon have been playing in the Armenian World.

Though the conference was devoted to wide aspects of security issues the processes in the Middle East got the biggest attention of the speakers and discussants. The ISIS and the Kurdish issue, as well as the political instability in Turkey and its conflict with PKK (which has a chance to become a wider conflict with Turkey's Kurdish community) are going to play a decisive role in upcoming processes, influencing not only the Middle East but also Caucasus and Europe.

The programme of the conference can be found with the link.